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Chris Nicholls

ISBN:  978-0-646-90437-5

AUD$50.00 plus postage. Use envelope to order from the artist's estate.

Sleeping Gods

J. Marie Nicholls

ISBN:  978-0-646-56050-2     Not for sale in USA, Canada, or RoW.

Available from printer: AUD$16.02  plus GST & postage

But you will need to obtain the link directly from us due to regional copyright restrictions


Frances Holloway

ISBN:  978-0-9924050-0-7

ORDER directly from printer: AUD$12.04  plus GST & postage

Matilda's Visit

No longer available

Indigo & the Insects

No longer available

Darcy's Diary

No longer available

Still Life With Grandmother

Christopher Race

ISBN:  978-0-9924050-1-4

ORDER directly from printer AUD $14.89 plus GST & postage

Anna & The Last House in Melbourne

A debut story for younger readers by Ann Shearing.   $20.00

ISBN:  978-0-9924050-5-2

Available from the Pomonal Shop & directly from our printer

Now Available:

Like Trees                                            

Annie Drum

ISBN:   978-0-9924050-4-5            AUD$15.00 plus postage

Available directly from author via publisher. Use envelope to order:               

Shots from the Chamber                                            

The Chamber Poets

ISBN: 978-0-9924050-6-9                   AUD$20.00 plus postage

Available directly from Chamber Poets, Use envelope to order:     

When the Cat Speaks  

A novella by Bron Nicholls               AUD$7.00 plus postage

ISBN:  978-0-9924050-7-6

ORDER  directly from printer

Recent Publications


Poetry by Christopher Konrad.       AUD$20.00 plus postage

ISBN:  978-0-9924050-9-0

Available from directly from the author. Please use envelope to order:

DUE TO THE NATURE OF THIS PUBLISHING COLLECTIVE,  THE PROCESS OF BUYING OUR BOOKS VARIES.  SOME MAY BE OBTAINED DIRECTLY FROM THE PRINTER, But we can no longer recommend doing so due to their prohibative postal costs. Best to ORDER FROM THE AUTHOR OR ANOTHER COPYRIGHT HOLDER where available or contact us here with your inquiry.  

Currawong Calling

Bron Nicholls

ISBN-13:  978-0-9924050-2-1                                      PRESS RELEASE

ORDER directly from printer: AUD$12.24  plus GST & postage