CURRAWONG CALLING          by BRON NICHOLLS                                    JUNE 2015

‘Currawong Calling’ a book for younger readers by Bron Nicholls, acclaimed author of  ‘Three Way Street’ and ‘Mulliway’ (which was adapted into the motion picture 'Mull' staring Nadine Garner).     

Nicholls writes for the more reflective reader and never talks down to her young audience.  Like her previous books, this one enters the inner world of a young person confronting the challenges of growing up, of engaging with change, and responding to the demands that an adult world places upon a child's world.  This one tackles the tricky topic of anxiety with a lightness of touch that is almost delightful - except for the very real nature of the experience.  It is a story for which there is bound to be, sadly, an often too silent readership - but this book will give heart to anyone who opens it, and Pomonal Publishing is proud to bring it into print.

STILL LIFE WITH GRANDMOTHER  by Christopher Race                              MARCH 2015

Next month Pomonal Publishing is releasing the first collection of poems by Woodend poet, Christopher Race.  The book, Still Life With Grandmother,  will be launched on Saturday 14th March at the monthly Chamber Poets reading held at The Chamber Art & Coffee House in Woodend.  Race will be the featured poet reading poems from this collection.

Local librarian and regular reader at Chamber Poets, Race says: 'Reading aloud enables me to hear the poems out in the air, allowing me to refine the voice in my head. The Chamber Poets have been a great experience in developing my work.'

Myron Lysenko,  convener of the Chamber Poets readings,  says, 'The poems in this book are accessible yet deep, serious yet subtly funny.  This is a sophisticated and assured debut. Christopher Race's distinctive and calm voice is a welcome harmony to the chorus of Australian poets.  

'The main highlight amongst many highlights is the title poem, a long narrative which captures the personality of a grandmother who was forced to leave England and come to a strange and hot country full of people who she couldn't feel comfortable with. A person who expressed her love for things rather than people; somebody who painted still lifes because her own life had stilled when she was still young and free and full of promise.'

Chris Wallace-Crabbe,  Australian poet and emeritus professor,  University of Melbourne,  says:   'Christopher writes with an impressive blend of plain dailiness and haunting mortality. He writes verse with such clarity.  Moreover, he can pay tribute to the lost: above all to the grandmother who was “one way of being me”.'

Christopher Race's poems have appeared in Paradise Anthology 5 (2011) and the MPU publication The Attitude of Cups (2011), work also appeared in the Australian Poetry Members' Anthology. He was a prize winner in the inaugural Glen Phillips Poetry Prize (2012). He lives in central Victoria and is also a photographer who has exhibited in Melbourne, Castlemaine and Romsey.

Pomonal    Publishing


It is available for purchase from June 30th.  

This is a limited edition publication from the acclaimed Australian author so you will need to  contact us  to order copies. Review copies will be made available free on upon request.

Alice Weaver doesn’t like the things other kids like, computer stuff and television, she only loves books. And she has never had a best friend. When Mum and Dad send her to stay with her grandparents in Currawong Creek, bad movies start screening inside her head. Who to tell? There is only Joe, a loyal Border Collie, until Alice feeds a wounded bird, and sets off a chain of events she couldn’t have imagined.

ISBN-10:  0992405025

ISBN-13:  978-0-9924050-2-1



Pomonal Publishing is a small independent publishing venture based in the Grampians. Still very new, we are delighted to introduce to our growing list of authors.  We are an unusual 'company', as we are free floating creatives who come together for the duration of projects or as skills are needed.  We operate on a not-for-profit basis, producing books at cost price via on-line print on demand facilities. The author is able to set their royalty requirements with the printer, but the publishing house gets nothing. Committed to the idea that authors should retain all rights, and have some creative input into the design of their own book, Pomonal Publishing aims to remain small, publishing only works we deem of literary value and that mainstream publishing houses overlook.  

Further information:

These are stories that journey through interiors, through altered states of reason and sensibility; where ordinary but exacting worlds are peopled with poignant characters suffering too many thoughts, too few inhibitions, or states of alienation in which identification with trees or building tools may provide sanctuary.

At times her characters, slipping easily from the mundane into the magical, seem to offer the reader a viable alternative to the tedium of the normal. Drum's sorties into states of madness are so eloquent they make sanity seem foolish! And she always manages to evoke our compassion.

These are razor-edged stories, investigating the bounds of identity, provoking questions:  How do we travel?  And more importantly: What do we travel as?

The collection will be launched by Neil Boyack, in the 'Newstead Literary Tattoo Presents' segment at the 10th annerversary of the Clunes Booktown festival, May 1st.  Those interested in attending will need to purchase festival tickets.  

Pomonal Publishing is delighted to see this provocative little volume hit the road.

LIKE TREES          by ANNIE DRUM                                                 MAY 2016

Introducing a new voice in Australian literature:  Wimmera born Annie Dum writes in a distinctly contemporary style, her material invokes the spirits of Isabelle Allende and Elizabeth Jolley.  


ISBN: 978-0-9924050-4-5

Book Design: Lin Tobias

Cover image: Carole Wilson